According to the Census 2011

  • 9.6% (103682) of Birmingham’s residents were born outside of the UK and arrived in the UK since 2001.

  • 5.1% arrived from outside the UK in the past 5 years. This is significantly higher than regional average (2.9%)


New Migrants to Birmingham

During 2007–2010, people moved to Birmingham from 187 different countries, as workers, marriage migrants, students and, to a lesser extent, asylum seekers.


Birmingham is historically a city of migration



Languages spoken in Birmingham


In the Census 2011, 47,000 people stated they did not speak English well or at all. This represents 2.4% of the population aged three years or more, more than twice the regional and national averages. Children were more likely to speak English well compared to the working age and pensioner populations. 


Where English was not the main language the most commonly spoken were Southern Asian languages.


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