Perry Barr District and Wards

Key information: 

  • In 2013 the estimated population was 108,807; this represents 10% of Birmingham’s population. 87.6% of its population are under 65 (87% Birmingham, 82% England). 
  • 46.8% of Perry Barr’s population fall within the most deprived 20% of areas in England. 
  • Life expectancy for Perry Barr district males was 77.6 years (Birmingham 77.6, England 79.4) and females were 5.6 higher at 83.2 years (Birmingham 82.2, England 83.1). 
  • During 2011/13 Perry Barr district’s under 75 death rate was 19.5% higher than the rate for England (Birmingham was 23% higher than England). 
  • Infant mortality is one area of concern: the district rate was 7.1 per 1,000 live births during 2011/13; this compares to 4.0 nationally and 7.4 for Birmingham 
  • The 2011 census showed that 60.3% of the district's population is made up of BME groups (42.1% Birmingham, 15% England).

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Perry Barr District consists of four wards. Click on the links to view local health profiles for each ward:

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