Birmingham’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Birmingham Public Health works closely with the Health and Wellbeing Board, Public Health England, Birmingham Districts and community groups to help focus our knowledge and resources on areas of need within Birmingham.  Key areas for concern and improvement are highlighted throughout the year through needs assessments, outcome frameworks and consultations. 


Strategic Overview

For 2016/17 we plan to publish JSNA Chapters on key public health areas making relevant information publicly available to those that require it for planning and supporting local services. Please contact us if you want access to our data or if you have any queries regarding Birmingham's JSNA. 


Collection of reports and needs assessments categorised by public health key themes. Click here to search by theme

Outcomes frameworks and health profiles available to support JSNA and commissioning to improve health and wellbeing.  The main one being the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF)  Click here for more


New for 2016/17. JSNA Chapters on key public health areas released throughout the year.  Click here for more


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