Smoking Cessation Services in Birmingham

The procedure for making referrals to Birmingham “Quit” services is changing.

Birmingham Citizens are able to access Smoking Cessation services directly through primary careservices. There are currently over 260 pharmacies and GP practices providing “Quit” services across Birmingham. Details of these services and locations can be found on thePublic Health website. This can be found by clicking here

Patients can identify local “quit” services through a postcode feature. This will help you and patients find a service that is convenient to them.

All referrals should be through primary care directly to the GP’s and Pharmacies that offer the service. You will no longer be able to refer to a “bespoke” service as this is now ceasing.

If you want further information or wish to discuss continuation of service provision, please email Mark Roscoe, Commissioning Manager via the lifestyles email  and quote ‘Smoking Cessation’ in the subject line.

Adrian Phillips
Director of Public Health

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