Specialist Care


Specialist care services have a focus on targeted conditions or very specific care requirements. Specialist care services are tailored to help maximise the benefits of a service for the individual accessing it.

An example of some of the specialist care on offer in Birmingham includes; Cancer support groups, stroke association, domiciliary care, blind and deaf services and supportive care. These groups can offer education, support and care in areas that can often be over looked in broad spectrum care. Some services also offer culturally sensitive information and support such as the Asian stroke association.

Most services are free, referral only or ask for a small cost. If you feel like you’d benefit from a specialist service, please go to the map of services and select “specialist services” to see what’s in your area and city wide.

Find Your Local Specialist Care Service

Take a look at our Map of Services and choose the Specialist Care section to see what’s on offer in your area and city wide.

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